June 2013

Team Galag TG1 – Behind the scenes

Team Galag TG1 - Automotive Photography South Florida.

If you endured my previous blog post. I promise this one will be a lot smaller. This one will be all about what happened during the shoot of the  Team Galag TG1. I will tell you what my plan was, and what really happened.

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The Team Galag Batman’s Tumbler

I had the privilege to meet the guys from Team Galag last year. It all started because they ran into some photos of Camaro’s that I had taken in Orlando. Even though I am based in Miami, I had traveled to Orlando to cover a big Camaro car show. We had a very casual lunch meeting in Miami about what they needed and how I could help them. Again, Team Galag, Thanks for lunch! By now, we should all know that Team Galag built a replica of Batman’s Tumbler and a custom one off exotic car called the TG1. The cars were built by Parker Brother Concepts in Melbourne, FL. I have also been a fan of their work for some time. So, this was a great opportunity. This is exactly the kind of jobs that I live for. Keep the project top secret. Produce high quality photography of cars. Especially something as memorable as the Tumbler and the custom build exotic like the TG1.

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