Before and After with a blue Camaro in Miami.

I wanted to share with you a before/after comparison with one of my photos. Automotive photography is a lot more involved that what most people think, at least for me it is. This cool little comparison tool will allow to see the the differences from what the camera captures to what the final product is after the post-processing is done…

A while ago we were called by the guys at Nessen Forged to photograph this amazing 2010 5th Generation Camaro that was wrapped by The Signs Savers. Nessen had a very defined idea of what they wanted. Something dark, almost scary looking that would contrast nicely with the blue matte Camaro. The location, in Miami, that we found was great and it worked perfectly. Who would have known that a parking garage in Downtown Miami could have been this cool looking?

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The Android Apps for Professional Photographers.

This photo is from back in 2010 when the HTC EVO was brand new.

So I thought I would put together a list of the apps that I find helpful with some of my behind the scenes planning and setup.  Mind you this is not a list of apps that I will use to for photo editing, but what helps me prepare before, during and/or help out after the photoshoot is done.

You might have seen a lot of lists that say: Top ## Android Photography Apps.  And then you get a list of Apps that allow you to destroy your photos by adding really bad effects, stickers or make really bad HDR. No, this is not that kind of list. This is about workflow, function and making our lives as professional photographers a bit easier. All of these apps have at some point or another help me create some of the photos that you see in my portfolio.

This list includes apps that can help you find the best light to shoot in, organizing, RAW file conversion, control your camera, location scout, remote desktop access and even a small trick for how to track your expenses.  I use these on both my Android phone and/or tablet. These are in no particular order at least for now. I might come back later and add/remove apps as I change my game plan. And, to come back to add examples of how and when I used it. So, let’s get going!

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Team Galag TG1 – Behind the scenes

Team Galag TG1 - Automotive Photography South Florida.

If you endured my previous blog post. I promise this one will be a lot smaller. This one will be all about what happened during the shoot of the  Team Galag TG1. I will tell you what my plan was, and what really happened.

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The Team Galag Batman’s Tumbler

I had the privilege to meet the guys from Team Galag last year. It all started because they ran into some photos of Camaro’s that I had taken in Orlando. Even though I am based in Miami, I had traveled to Orlando to cover a big Camaro car show. We had a very casual lunch meeting in Miami about what they needed and how I could help them. Again, Team Galag, Thanks for lunch! By now, we should all know that Team Galag built a replica of Batman’s Tumbler and a custom one off exotic car called the TG1. The cars were built by Parker Brother Concepts in Melbourne, FL. I have also been a fan of their work for some time. So, this was a great opportunity. This is exactly the kind of jobs that I live for. Keep the project top secret. Produce high quality photography of cars. Especially something as memorable as the Tumbler and the custom build exotic like the TG1.

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It’s Alive!

After many, many years. The v 1.2 of my website has been put to rest. What you see now  is a living, breathing, brand new design. Here I will finally be able to post my most recent work, do a few blog posts, behind the scenes and even tips for fellow photographers.


This old design was built in one afternoon when I was just thinking about making a career as  professional photographer. Without a lot of thought I put together what I saw on most photographer’s websites. The site was simple, small and with even smaller photos. It didn’t have a content management tool, which meant that updating my files and new photos was a royal pain.  Other social tools were coming up and helping photographers in general. Flicker was the best place to post your images, facebook quickly became a catch all for all kinds of photographers, the wannabes to the professionals and everyone inbetween (counting me as the inbetweeners).  So, now, more mature I have decided to create something new. A website that reflect the quality of work that I put into my photography.

I hope you see that there was a lot of thought put into this website for your own sake. Also, so I can stay connected with my fans and make it more personal. This will also make it easier for you to find me and my work.

So I welcome this new website with open arms and I hope you do too. I will be constantly changing it, moving things around, adding pages, widgets and blog post. Share with me what you would like to see:

  • behind the scenes?
  • photography tips?
  • time-lapse of image build ups?

Speak up and let us know what you want!

New design on the way.

Excuse our mess while we bring you a brand new design.