The Android Apps for Professional Photographers.

This photo is from back in 2010 when the HTC EVO was brand new.

So I thought I would put together a list of the apps that I find helpful with some of my behind the scenes planning and setup.  Mind you this is not a list of apps that I will use to for photo editing, but what helps me prepare before, during and/or help out after the photoshoot is done.

You might have seen a lot of lists that say: Top ## Android Photography Apps.  And then you get a list of Apps that allow you to destroy your photos by adding really bad effects, stickers or make really bad HDR. No, this is not that kind of list. This is about workflow, function and making our lives as professional photographers a bit easier. All of these apps have at some point or another help me create some of the photos that you see in my portfolio.

This list includes apps that can help you find the best light to shoot in, organizing, RAW file conversion, control your camera, location scout, remote desktop access and even a small trick for how to track your expenses.  I use these on both my Android phone and/or tablet. These are in no particular order at least for now. I might come back later and add/remove apps as I change my game plan. And, to come back to add examples of how and when I used it. So, let’s get going!

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