It’s Alive!

After many, many years. The v 1.2 of my website has been put to rest. What you see now  is a living, breathing, brand new design. Here I will finally be able to post my most recent work, do a few blog posts, behind the scenes and even tips for fellow photographers.


This old design was built in one afternoon when I was just thinking about making a career as  professional photographer. Without a lot of thought I put together what I saw on most photographer’s websites. The site was simple, small and with even smaller photos. It didn’t have a content management tool, which meant that updating my files and new photos was a royal pain.  Other social tools were coming up and helping photographers in general. Flicker was the best place to post your images, facebook quickly became a catch all for all kinds of photographers, the wannabes to the professionals and everyone inbetween (counting me as the inbetweeners).  So, now, more mature I have decided to create something new. A website that reflect the quality of work that I put into my photography.

I hope you see that there was a lot of thought put into this website for your own sake. Also, so I can stay connected with my fans and make it more personal. This will also make it easier for you to find me and my work.

So I welcome this new website with open arms and I hope you do too. I will be constantly changing it, moving things around, adding pages, widgets and blog post. Share with me what you would like to see:

  • behind the scenes?
  • photography tips?
  • time-lapse of image build ups?

Speak up and let us know what you want!