Team Galag TG1 – Behind the scenes

Team Galag TG1 - Automotive Photography South Florida.

If you endured my previous blog post. I promise this one will be a lot smaller. This one will be all about what happened during the shoot of the  Team Galag TG1. I will tell you what my plan was, and what really happened.

The location was again picked thanks to Google Maps – Street View. Did I mention that I love that tool? It was actually perfect, wide open and would offer a very clean light as the sun would set. I had planned to shoot against it, light up the dark side to make sure to bring out the curves of this sexy beast. I had spoken with the person in charge of the location and I was set to use it that day. Everything I thought was gonna go really smooth this time around. So, fast forward time…

Day 3

We arrive sometime around noon, and I talk to Shanon one of the Parker Brothers. The TG1 was supposed to be at their shop the day before but due to weather, the car was about 45 minutes away from the shop. (thank you rain!). You do NOT want to drive a freshly painted car with such a custom paint job in the rain or while it is wet. So, after waiting and waiting this is how I find the car:

BTS-Teamgalag (1)

The car still needed work. Headlights were not in and neither were the taillights. I wondered if we would be able to get sunset photos. As I see the guys from Parker Brothers working their asses off to get the TG1 ready, they assured me that we would make it. It needed to be shipped that same night in order to make it on time to Europe to start the Gumball 3000. The pressure was on for them and for me.

I keep going outside and checking the position of the sun… you can see the big ball of fire lowering on the horizon. The TG1 still needs work… I tell my assistant to go check on the location and to make sure it was open. The sun keeps going down as I look out the window every chance I get. My assistant calls me and tells me: “Location is looking good, gates are wide open”. Perfect, at least one set of good news. Plan B was not too far but not exactly want I wanted. I didn’t want to run around town looking for better locations while the TG1 needed to be shipped that same night. I tell my assistant to head back to the shop. With about 20 minutes until the sun sets, I hear someone say… “The TG1 is done!”. Things are looking up! The location is open the car is ready and we have 20 minutes until sunset. No time for celebration, Shanon gets in the TG1 and we head out to the location.

Only to find out… they closed the gates, there is a lock. Plan A is not an option, I can’t waste time trying to get a hold of someone to open the door. You gotta plan, adapt, think fast. Move off to Plan B. As we approach the next location I see that.. well it’s packed with cars. There goes Plan B. Move on to Plan C. Which is nothing really, just drive around until you find something.

One thing that did workout was that from the 1st location to the 2nd one there is this bridge. I was able to get some rolling photos of the TG1. I hung the camera as low to the ground as my arm could reach, use your instinct and aim it, press that shutter and slowly and surely point the camera a bit more to the left, or a bit more to the right, or up or down… to make sure you are eventually going to grab a photo that has the whole car in the frame and a cool composition.

As we drive around we find this old, abandoned gas station. I can’t look any further. I am in a town that I am not familiar with. So, let it be, this was our location for the main photos. We stopped and I starting taking the photos.

TG1 - Team Galag As we are in the middle of the shoot you would get random people asking questions. They didn’t know what we were shooting. You would get all kinds of questions. What is that thing? Who makes it? How fast is it? It went on and on during the whole shoot. Good thing that Shanon was there to answer questions.

Anyway, I promised this was going to be short… and well… it isn’t that much shorter. So, I will let the photos do the talking now:

Ah, the world of car photography. You never really know what’s gonna happen but I like it like that!